The Change Up

17 Jan

Many of the points made by Trent were very general and I really liked the approach. I never really realized that the industry has been leveled and everyone is trying to learn as much as they can to get on their feet again. When the dust settles there’s is no telling who will be on top. As for giving your music away for free to gain promotion I would agree. The costs of making a record is extremely low. Home studios are allowing everyone to make a decent record and get it online. The only thing I disagree with is how he seems to equate “online” with “heard” . Just because you put your songs on every website possible doesn’t mean it will be heard but it is worth trying.

I think live gigs still play the biggest part of boosting your career to the next level. Make the music and play it. No one seems to address the fact that all capital raised needs to be put into marketing and promotion. Then I would think it would go into merchandise. Cash is still king in the entertainment business. We have become a society where we live as surrogates on the internet though which is why  musicians need to find a way to reach potential fans. The problem with the internet is that it is controlled by the user. When I say that I mean that all the websites and ads a person sees is totally up to the discretion of the person behind the keyboard. Even when someone is mindlessly surfing the web they only go to the sites they want to see. This leads most artist to spam people in attempts to gain a fan.  The email market is the best approach I have heard of so far only because the people who give you there email are doing so because they actually want to hear or see what you have to offer.

To win online you need to be a part of someone’s subconscious mind. They need to search you on impulse. This is why word of mouth is so important  because most people trust their friends taste in music and are more likely to search you out willingly. I think these videos gave some really good ideas as to what direction we should take in the years to come. It also shows us they we need to look at this music business as just that a music BUSINESS.



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