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15 Mar

It all began May 05, 1988 in Mt. Sinai Hospital of Manhattan, NY. I was born. As life in the city jungle is known to be cold and unforgiving, it gave me no special treatment. In order to survive the game you have to find a place of sanctuary either physical or mental. For me, and many others, music was my hideaway. From the age of 5 I appreciated hip-hop and rap, but it wasn’t until 11 years when I truly made it my craft. I focused my pain, frustration, and turmoil into a positive expression rather than a self-destructive medication of drugs and alcohol. At 16 I jumped into the battle-rap arena and created a name for myself.  I didn’t win all matches, but more importantly, I was never humiliated or lost my pride. I made them work for their trophy and I always lost by a hair. This was from my hunger and my drive to make something of this talent. I didn’t want to be a rapper. I love hip-hop but more so I loved business. I’m a hustler with an eye for opportunity. When it was time that I went to college I wanted to grow as a business man. I can do without the fame and spotlight. I’d rather be the force that secures the real art of hip-hop and build an empire that gives back to those who need it most.